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Get sporty with your fashion choices this spring! Turns out, Athleisure is a big trend this year, and we are ON BOARD! Jen Russell of JenDaisy Boutique explains:

A word we have been hearing a lot lately in fashion and it means taking up your active wear up a notch to wear more than just to the gym. Even designers are creating clothing lines with a more relaxed look about them. We have three different looks today, as well as some fun accessories that can add more fun to your looks.

First, we have Kathy: Kathy is wearing a fun tie dyed tunic paired with capri leggings. This look can be worn anywhere and to dress it up, you can add a sparkly necklace and a pair of heels or cute ballet flats. A lot of women go to their yoga pants and t-shirts for a casual comfortable look. Take it up a notch with tunics, leggings and fun accessories.

Second we have Brandi: Brandi is wearing a fun print jogger pants with a basic black tee. Joggers are a relaxed fun pant that can be worn to the gym as well as to the grocery store. We have dressed up this look by adding fun jewelry and shoes. Don’t be afraid of prints and the bolder the more fun they can be!

Third, we have Gretchen: Gretchen is wearing a Baseball Tee Tunic. It’s taking the fun baseball look into a fun tunic that can be worn with work out leggings. This tunic is a great option to wear to softball and baseball games this summer! You can show your sporty side and be stylish while doing it. The most important thing is to step outside of your comfort zones and go with the trends in this Athleisure style this year!

All of these looks are available at JenDaisy and on our website

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