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Aubry Lane: Keeping women safe, yet fashionable

On the outside, it’s looks beautiful and so chic. But what’s on the inside could just save your life.

Hallie Geyh, Creative Director of Aubry Lane, and Catherine Horton, Director of Public Relations for Aubry Lane, share more about Aubry Lane, a brand that creates handbags with unique technology features that no one else in the world is currently doing.

About the Aubry Lane Amulet:

Our bags come with a special device called the Aubry Lane Amulet. The Amulet doubles as a cell phone and a GPS tracker-if you are in danger, hit the SOS button and a text with your exact geographic location will go out to up to 5 pre-programmed contacts. Then, the device will cycle through the contacts and call each person, and you can use it as a cell phone. This Amulet is hidden in a specially designed pocket that is found in all our purses. The pocket is hidden to the uneducated eye, but the device can still be accessed without having to remove it, in case of emergency. Another thing that makes us different is that you can access your bag’s location from any device. We have a web portal and mobile app so that if your cell phone is stolen as well, you can still find your bag.

Along with these technology capabilities, our bags are made from high-quality leathers, and are functional and perfect for the woman on the go. We have a wide range of bags including clutches, totes, backpacks, and laptop bags that all have pockets, pen holders, cell phone holders, and more. Most of our bags also come with a locking security compartment for an added sense of safety.



-Sexual Assault Awareness Month

-45% of Women don’t feel safe walking alone at night

-We want women to feel empowered to live their lives however they choose, without fear

-Some features of the bag-the device of course, locking security compartments, comes with a wireless power charger


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-Insta: @aubrylaneofficial