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Author discusses the emotional side of having Afro-texture hair

Her book is about more than just hair types and styling techniques. Michele Tapp Roseman, Author of “HAIRLOOMS: The Untangled Truth About Loving Your Natural Hair and Beauty,” delves into the emotional side of having Afro-textured hair. To be released in February during Black History Month, Hairlooms by Michele Tapp Roseman, asks: Why are Black women so passionate about their natural hair and beauty?

Written after spending years trying to figure out how to love her natural hair and beauty, the author helps other Black women – and those that interact with them – to better understand the multi-layered challenge of self-love from the inside out. With 32 amazing stories from many prominent women, it’s sure to resonate with African-Americans while offering those of different ethnic backgrounds deeper insights on a sensitive topic.

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