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Be a ‘money-saving Disney mom’ with the help of a local consignment sale

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Disclaimer: This story from March 5, 2020 has been republished after replaying on March 27, 2020’s show.

Be a “money-saving Disney mom” with the help of a local consignment sale

(WISH) – Being a money-saving Disney mom!

Traveling with kids is rewarding but not without a price tag! The more kids you have, the more you will spend on a trip!

On today’s Indy Style, Katie Awwad, Here We Grow Again (Consignment Sale) says Disney is a favorite place to take her kids, but she’s seeing a higher price tag with three kids, one that will soon be considered an adult ( age 10 at Disney counts as an adult!)

Here are her tips for adding magical touches for magical savings:

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1) Use a travel agent.
* They are free to use! This takes a ton of stress away from not knowing what to do and when. Each piece of Disney is time sensitive with Fast Passes and dining reservations.
* They can help you with park plans and making the most out of your trip! Making the most out of your ticket cost! They are there to help support you.
* They can apply promotions to help save you money when Disney releases them.
* Of course I have a favorite local group, Magnifield Vacations Cruiseone. (

2) Shop consignment sales for Disney costumes and shirts!
* When people do Disney, they dress Disney! This makes the atmosphere so fun!
* If a trip is not until summer or fall, still stock up on swim gear and hats now! It will be so expensive later on.
*Disney has new restrictions on strollers. Buying an approved stroller at a consignment sale could save you tons! Measure your stroller and make sure it’s within the ( cant be over 31”) width and ( can’t be over 52” ) length if not then go find a new one! You can rent strollers on location, but it would most likely cost more than buying a used stroller. You can resell the stroller and make your money back.
* Buy princess dresses used at consignment sales! This will save you $30-$50 ! Look for those Disney Minnie Mouse ears that are so fun for pictures! They range from $20-$30 at park, only to be $3 at the consignment sale!

3) What to pack to help save money for Disney!
* Glow sticks for nighttime shows. Dollar Tree is amazing for this! At the park something like this will be really expensive!
* Bubbles, snacks, coloring, candy and stickers for longer lines. I call these line motivation!
* Rain gear!
* Use Walmart to deliver bottled water, snacks and even food if you did not get the dining plan. If you forgot something like diapers, sunscreen or something important, these places can usually help you pretty fast! you cant beat Walmart prices! Use the code WOWFRESH on a new delivery order and get $10 off! Basically getting the delivery fee waived! Remember, to tip your driver!

*There are four chances to shop HWGA this season for your trips! Here We Grow Again Indy West, March 11-14
Indy North, Boone County, April 9-11
Indy south, Johnson County, April 23-25
Terre Haute, April 17-18

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