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Beauty products that work overtime overnight

Did you know that your cellular structure regeneration is 300% higher while your body is at rest, than during the day? 

This is why Brandie Price — an award-winning celebrity makeup artist, on-camera image expert and personal brand expert — always recommends using your “money products” at night.

In the past, this typically referred to those products that are a little more on the pricey side, but now we have more options from companies that can give us the ingredients our skin needs without the hefty price tag.

Price is am going to get you covered from head to toe with some of her favorite overnight products in her weekly beauty regimen:

  • Olay Regenerist Retinol 24 Facial Moisturizer is the perfect addition to your nightly skincare routine. It is formulated with Olay’s most transformative Retinoid complex, including both retinol and retinal propionate, you’ll experience long-lasting hydration, and bright and smooth skin in as little as 24 hours. It is available at for under $30 or check out your local retailer for curbside pickup! It’s no secret as to why Olay’s Retinol 24 Face Moisturizer has become the No. 1 selling retinol in the United States!
  • Artistry Intensive Skincare 14 Night Reset Program helps reset your skin in just 14 nights. This program is wonderful for those who have quite a bit of damage, as it treats visible damage at the source. It is for all skin types. Powered by Phyto-3 Cica Blend the Deep Night Action Ultra Technology penetrates deep within the epidermis to awaken its power while you sleep. It helps repair the visible signs of damage quickly and skin becomes stronger to defend against future visible aging. Price uses this in my regimen every six months.
  • BB Bombs Triple Magic Butter is a real skin hydration miracle. With three of the most powerful natural butters — shea, mango, and cocoa — your skin has no other option than to be highly nourished, and when you give your skin what it is craving it will soak it right in. The texture is light and fluffy, but melts into your skin, much like whipped butter into a warm roll. The overnight result is incredibly soft and smooth skin after the first application.  After Price’s first use, she said she didn’t know that she would ever be caught without this on hand again. It is that good. This variety smells light chocolate-chip cookie dough.
  • Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment helps to heal and protect chapped or cracked skin and lips overnight. This product has been in the market place for 96 years, and there is a reason why! It works. It does contain 41% petroleum jelly, so do not use it if you are petroleum sensitive. Price has always been an avid hand washer, and she doesn’t always remove her rings, which means that water can get trapped under them, leading to cracked hands. This has been a real overnight hand saver for Price. When your hands get overly dry and cracked, it is just uncomfortable, and this typically heals it overnight.
  • L’Occitaine Shea Butter Intensive Foot Balm is ideal for dry to very dry skin, which can be both uncomfortable and unsightly in sandal season! Why are our feet so easy to forget in our self-care routine? This balm is formulated with a 25% concentration of shea butter providing intense nourishing care. It also provides a protective film to further protect your feet. It has an ultrarich texture that melts right into your dry feet, revealing smooth and supple skin overnight. Price uses this two times a week, and the $36 tube lasts all year long!

You can find Price at and on Instagram @brandiepriceimage.


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