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Becky G and Alex Neustaedter discuss new movie "A-X-L"

You've heard her music and seen her in "Power Rangers" and "Empire," and you've seen him on USA Network's "Colony." Now, Becky G & Alex Neustaedter star in Global Road Entertainment's upcoming family adventure film, "A-X-L."

A-X-L is a top-secret, robotic dog that has advanced artificial intelligence created by the military. After an experiment gone wrong, A-X-L is discovered hiding in the desert by Alex, a kindhearted outsider who finds a way to connect with the robot. The two soon develop a special friendship based on trust, loyalty and compassion. Helping Miles gain confidence, A-X-L goes to any length to protect his new companion, including facing off against the scientists who want their creation back.

A-X-L opens nationwide on Friday, August 24. 

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