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‘Behind the 8,’ meets ‘Weather Weekly’: WISH-TV’s McKinzie Roth, Marcus Bailey talk All Indiana Podcast Network

WISH-TV’S All Indiana Podcast Network covers just about every category you can think of, from news and weather to motherhood, pets and local business you need to know about. WISH-TV’s Entertainment Insider, McKinzie Roth, hosts Behind the 8 and Better Every Day. She was joined by WISH-TV Meteorologist Marcus Bailey today to talk podcasting, Indy 500 weekend and more!

About Weather Weekly:

Marcus covers all things weather with “Weather Weekly”. From looking back on historical weather events to looking ahead and planning and being prepared. Marcus talks to weather experts across the country and shares some fun facts on weather too!

About Behind the 8:

There is always something special happening in our communities and WISH-TV is committed to shining the spotlight on those who are making a difference. Join WISH-TV’s entertainment insider, McKinzie Roth, as she continues the conversation with those who are making a difference every day. From arts & entertainment, to education and community service. Behind the 8 brings you more information on the big events and projects happening in our communities.

About Better Every Day:

Better Every Day is about improving our lives and making positive changes. Listen every week as McKinzie welcomes experts from all areas of life to share their expertise on ways we all can improve physically, emotionally, financially, mentally, sexually, and spiritually.

To listen to the All Indiana Podcast Network, click here.


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