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Best places to volunteer in Indy with the whole family

Best places to volunteer in kids with Indy

Volunteering is a great activity for children and teens, and it can benefit them just as much as it benefits the community. 

Best places to volunteer in kids with Indy

Alexandra Fung, CEO of Upparent, highlights a new website that gathers parents’ trusted recommendations about things to do, places to go, and products to try as a family, making it easy for families to find and share their favorite local events and activities – including, volunteer opportunities. 1.    Schools on Wheels
School on Wheels is an organization that provides one-on-one tutoring to school-aged homeless children at shelters or schools in Marion County.

Best places to volunteer in kids with Indy
Best places to volunteer in kids with Indy

Volunteers can help kids by leading hands-on activities in math, science, and art for students of all ages.  They use curriculum kits based on where kids are at academically with various hands-on activities. 
2.    Keep Indianapolis Beautiful
Keep Indianapolis Beautiful engages diverse communities to help people and nature thrive together in Indianapolis. KIB sees a beautiful place to call home — one that is loved and cared for by the community and ecologically rich with plants, trees, and pollinators. The results of KIB’s work are residents who are proud to live in Indianapolis, citizens who take action for change, and a healthier environment for all.  An Indy Style and fan favorite tool is their “litter grabber.”
3.    Gleaner’s Food Bank
Gleaner’s mission is to lead the fight against hunger. They help kids, families and seniors gain access to food.  Volunteers can sort, scan or pack food in the warehouse. Or you can help seniors shop, stock shelves in the pantry or help visitors carry food to their cars. 

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