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Bob Vila on Pest Proofing as Part of Must-Do Projects for April

As the weather improves, many homeowners are spending time cleaning up the interior, and exterior, of their homes. April is National Pest Management Month and it’s also the perfect time to make pest-proofing your property a priority. Legendary home improvement expert Bob Vila shares his top tips to prevent an infestation during the spring and summer seasons.

This is April, it’s National Pest Awareness Month and American all over the country are happy that spring is finally here and so are the bugs.”

Bob suggests you:

Do an outside audit of your house and look for signs of pests.

Seal cracks and holes.

Replace weather-stripping.

Make sure the area around the house is dry.

Termites are the biggest problem we have. They do over $5 billion in home damage each year.

Know the signs and if you suspect you may have a problem, call a pro to come out and check for sure.

Also look out for ants and flying insects.

The biggest threat to the personal health comes from ticks. Spring time is when they come back to life.

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