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Bringing retro trends into your summer style

The Trends for summer may have a familiar look because the eighties and nineties fashions are back. Natalie Sexton, Fashion & Lifestyle Expert explains how to make the retro trends work for you.

When thinking about trends for summer, there are two major indicators for what styles we can expect: the fashion from the runways and the fashion from the streets!

What tends to happen is a trend starts on a high fashion runway and then makes it’s way to a more mainstream medium so that we can all shop for it. 

Don’t buy pieces just because they are “trendy,” make sure you love the pieces you buy otherwise they will just sit in your closet.

Invest in great basics like tanks, tees and a classic summer dress, and save on “one season” trends.

Top Trends to Buy

Neon Colors: Hello 80’s style lovers! Bright hues will have a strong presence this summer, moving from the runways to the streets. This is the time to wear your brightest brights and choose poppy colors that reflect the clear change in weather. The style lesson here? Don’t be afraid to stand out!

Tie Dye Everything: This fun free spirited pattern has been ALL over Instagram these days and it’s going strong through the summer 

Voluminous Dresses: These playful dresses will keep the vibe of your ensembles light and breezy, try a fun floral or graphic print with your favorite color combos! Try adding a belt to change the shape up in a jiffy, with a voluminous style you want to keep the rest of your look very chic and streamlined so you don’t overwhelm your frame. 

Bike Shorts & Sweat Shorts: These athleisure bottoms offer the same level of comfort of leggings without leaving you overheating, plus they are so on trend. For a garment so simple and, at its core, sporty, it’s surprisingly versatile. The newest versions range from solid black to neon hues, fun prints, and cool design details like lace-up fronts, graphic waistbands, or lace-trim hems. With the right styling tricks, the bike short can just as easily be made to look elegant and polished as casual and cool.

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