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Butternut squash recipes and hacks for fall

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — We all know butternut squash is an iconic fall ingredient, but have you ever thought about adding it to chicken curry?! Registered dietitian, cookbook author and chef Michelle Dudash joined us on Indy Style today to tell us all about this recipe.

She started by searing chicken thighs in a pan on the stove. She added her own chicken curry spice kit and tomato paste to that pan. Then, she poured an entire can of coconut milk to the pan for added flavor. Then, the star ingredient: Michelle added fresh diced butternut squash to the pan! The final touches included adding a touch of chicken stock and letting the flavor combine for about fifteen minutes.

When finished, the butternut squash will be tender. Michelle served the chicken curry over whole wheat orzo, but you can pair it with couscous, cauliflower rice or quinoa!

You can learn more about Michelle Dudash here.


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