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Celebrate any occasion with these virtual party ideas

Whether you have a birthday coming up or even if you’re just looking for something fun to do with your friends, Natalie Sexton, fashion & lifestyle expert has some great ideas to make your virtual event special. Here’s more from her:

Think of a video platform as the birthday party venue. Instead of your home, a restaurant or event venue, the party is just online!

Choose a platform like Zoom, Skype or FaceTime, they are all easy to use, you don’t have to be tech savvy (if you can, try and have a quick trial run in advance just to make sure everyone knows how to connect).

Make a plan and set the date – this can be made even more fun with virtual invites! Plan the party to be about an hour-ish. 

You can have a theme and even dress-up to really elevate your virtual get together.

If you live close enough to each other then porch drop-offs are a fun idea, whether it’s a shared treat like cupcakes, or a shared activity (paint night or face masks). Or co-ordinate to make the same things – even if it is a signature cocktail!

1. Tea Party

This works well not only with adults but with kids of all ages and family members as well as friends. A lovely way to connect in on the party grandparents too!

This is perfect for a late morning or early afternoon option. When it is time for your virtual tea party, brew up your tea or hot chocolate, get your treats ready and connect! 

Dig out your best mugs or loveliest tea set – you can opt for traditional orange pekoe or herbal options are great too, like chamomile and peppermint (plus no added caffeine!)

Delicious treats are perfect foods to serve during a tea party. – this isn’t about having a big meal – fun ideas to nibble on – 

  • order from a local bakery to support small business (cupcakes are a great choice)
  • build your own sundaes – try a plant based ice cream & use healthy granola toppers & dark choc chips as topper options! (the kids won’t know that this is actually good for them!)
  • cheese and crackers
  • scones 
  • muffins
  • sweet treats of any kind

2. Spa Day

This is a fun one to wear your best jammies for!

Mimosas are the perfect signature cocktail.

Grab your favorite face mask and have a major virtual self-care party with your BFFs (you can buy sheet masks and a treat for porch drop-offs so you are all doing them together).

Choose an online game or use an app like HouseParty for added fun

Have your favorite snacks ready – (think “spa food,” like fresh fruit & cheese) 

3. Glam It Up! (the kiddies are gone to bed & it’s grown-up time!)

Set a “Dress Code” this can be glam from an era like the 80’s or 90’s or modern day glam!

Pull out your favourite outfit and do your hair & makeup

Create a playlist you can all listen to on Spotify with whatever the genre is.

Have a signature cocktail, like a margarita or manhattan — perhaps your favorite one at the local place you can’t go to right now.

Personal charcuterie boards are fab way to nosh during the party with your favourite nibbles!

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