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Celebrating INTERNATIONAL WHISKEY DAY with Jeptha Creed

Join us, as we celebrate International Whiskey Day (tomorrow)!

Mike Stone, Jeptha Creed Distillery Region Sales Manager, tells us about this women-owned and operated craft distillery who are using their farming background along with chemical engineer experience to create local distilled spirits.

        International Whiskey Day March 27th
        American – Bourbon, Blended, Straight, Tennessee, Moonshine, Rye, Malt, Wheat, etc…

Jeptha Creed can really celebrate as an entrepreneurial family this International day to their whiskeys are available internationally warehoused in the UK. Whiskey is distilled (cooking process containing hot and cold to create condensation) spirit from fermented grain mash (different select of grains mixed with water creates yeast reaction).

        Exactly like foods these whiskeys all compare to using their local resources that create their flavors especially water. Every area water source determines the taste variations in every spirit.

        Bourbon Whiskey is the most popular hot trending of all whiskeys in the spirit category currently.

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