Charcuterie Board Ideas: Hungarian Food Style

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She’s traveled to Croatia and Hungary, and now Registered Dietitian, Chef and Author Michelle Dudash is sharing some of her European-inspired dishes.

Here’s her take on an easy cold appetizer!

  1. In Hungarian cuisine, the Hungarian cold plate is an authentic staple that offers a delicious twist to the traditional charcuterie board.
  2. One of the staples on the Hungarian cold plate is Körözött, which is a cheese dip spiked with paprika and other spices.

Use either farmer’s cheese or cottage cheese as the base, and simply stir all of the ingredients together. Place in a ramekin and place on the meat and cheese board.

  1. This easy cold appetizer or light lunch is filled with cured meats, cheese, fresh and pickled vegetables. Sometimes with a foie gras paté for a fancier option. Serve with crusty bread, too.

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Körözött: An easy cold appetizer cheese dip

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