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Check out the first Amazon Alexa-powered board game

Check out the first Amazon Alexa-powered board game

Gen Con is the longest-running gaming convention in the world and is here in Indianapolis this week. More than 500 companies are exhibiting, including Sensible Object, a leading manufacturer of technology-integrated tabletop games that encourage social interactions and a unique new way to play.

Sensible Object is a first-time exhibitor at Gen Con, as the London-based company expands its offerings with the introduction of the first expansions for award-winning Beasts of Balance, as well as showcases the world’s first Amazon Alexa-powered board game Voice Originals.

George Buckenham from Sensible Object reviews two games to be featured at this weekend’s Gen Con at the Indiana Convention Center:

Beasts of Balance + Expansions

Check out the first Amazon Alexa-powered board game

•    Award-winning Beasts of Balance is bigger, better and more challenging than ever before with the first Expansion Packs for this exciting augmented reality stacking game (kind of like Jenga crossed with Pokemon Go).
•    The company introduces Beasts of Balance BATTLES, new creatures like the Chameleon, Flamingo and Angler Fish, and Legendary creatures including ‘Fancyprance The Fabulous Unicorn,’ ‘Hotbelly The Hangry Dragon,’ ‘Moby Brick The Space Whale,’ and ‘Omnibeast The Magestic Mimic.’
•    In the competitive mode of this game BATTLES, players choose to play as Land, Air or Sea and fight using Battle Cards to become ruler of the connected digital world.
•    Core game now available at Apple, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
•    Beasts of Balance app, including the new Battles feature, available free for iOS and Android
•    New Add-Ons coming to retail in September (also available to buy at Gen Con)
•    MSRP $99, Add-Ons $20-30 each
•    Ages 7+

Voice Originals: When in Rome

Check out the first Amazon Alexa-powered board game

•    Alexa is game show host in When in Rome, the world’s first Alexa powered board game! 
•    In this globetrotting travel trivia game, sit back and let Alexa take the lead, explaining the rules, keeping score, asking questions and introducing you to 20 real locals from the cities on the board.
•    Fire up the free When in Rome Alexa Skill to start a new game or pick up where you’ve left off on the old one.
•    When in Rome is a travel trivia game where real locals recorded from each of the 20 cities featured on the game board will ask each team questions about the food, culture, customs and daily lifestyle about their city. Travel around the world collecting souvenirs to win.
•    Newly available on Amazon, with plans to expand in late fall/early 2019
•    MSRP $29.99
•    Ages 13+

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