Indy Style

Chef Jeremiah Clark previews new menu items from CRG’s Stone Creek in Zionsville.

Jeremiah Clark from Stone Creek in Zionsville prepares items from their Easter menu that includes locally sourced Gunthrop Farms lamb from Lagrange, Indiana.

Chef’s tips and tricks:

Lamb Rack – look for a deep red color with a thick cap (layer) of fat to give you more flavor. Give your lamb a little salt and sear them in a hot pan.  As they begin to crust, add more butter along with some thyme and rosemary.  It is important to baste the lamb as it sears. You will finish off the cooking in the oven.  Lamb should be served medium rare.

Flageolet Beans are a great compliment to your lamb. The flageolet bean is a variety of bean originating in France. It is small, light green, and kidney-shaped with a firm texture but it becomes creamy when cooked. Add a sachet of herbs (garlic, black pepper corns and bay leaf) plus an onion, leek and a carrot. Cover with water and cook for about 3 hours on the stove top. You can also put them in a slow cooker in advance and let them cook for 6 hours.

Creamed Hen of the Woods Mushrooms – Saute these in butter and add some English Peas that have been blanched in salted water. Be sure to chill them with ice to stop the cooking and keep the fresh green color. Stir in some Bechamel Sauce (a rich French white sauce)

Of course, the easy way to enjoy this lovely meal is to stop in to Stone Creek in Zionsville this weekend.

Chef Clark grew up in Plainfield, Indiana and is a graduate of the Chef’s Academy.  He worked with other great chefs to perfect the talents he now shares with us at Stone Creek in Zionsville.

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