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Chef & TV Personality Jamie Gwen shares all that’s new in the MODERN DAY DAIRY AISLE

Are you at that point where you are experiencing cooking and baking fatigue? If you want to step up your culinary game with innovative, tasty products and ingredients, look no further than the dairy aisle!

Just in time for National Dairy Month in June, Chef Jamie Gwen shares where you can find enjoyable snacks, desserts and more –from cheese sticks and yogurts, to non-dairy alternatives such as almond milk, vegan yogurts, on-the-go packaged snacks, and other plant-based options!


  • Ninety percent of families shop in the dairy aisle.
  • The average family makes a purchase from the dairy aisle almost every week – 47 times a year.
  • There are around 2,000 varieties of cheeses.
  • Americans consume about 260 eggs per person per year.
  • Plant-based foods saw sales in 2018 grow 20% over prior year, topping $3.3 billion.

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