Indy Style

Children’s Museum offers special Spring Break programs

Spend spring break with aliens, androids, pirates, princesses and chocolate! The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is offering new exhibits and experiences for the entire family to enjoy!• Alien Worlds and Androids will help you separate science fiction from science fact. March 12 – May 1

From Star Wars to Lost in Space to Iron Man, science fiction movies and TV shows have captivated us with extraordinary characters and alien worlds far from our own. But science fiction has also inspired scientists and engineers to explore new worlds and develop new technologies-moving us forward as things that were once science fiction become science fact. Now you can join scientists in the search for life beyond our world in this interactive exhibit.• The True Story of the Three Little Pigs proves there are two sides to every story. March 12-April 17

Now the long-suppressed account of the Big Bad Wolf is finally brought to light in Piggsylvania’s trial of the century! In this family musical comedy, the audience acts as the jury to decide the Wolf’s fate. Professional actors perform The True Story of the Three Little Pigs in the Lilly Theater, which is onsite at The Children’s Museum and is free with general admission (live theatrical performances on weekends only)

• Fables Across Time: Kalila and Dimna help capture the imaginations of families around the world. March 19 – June 12

Kalila and Dimna is a classic Arabic collection of animal myths and fables, which offers a unique glimpse into why they were created and similarities to Western folklore. Hands-on activities, opportunities for role-play, and digital e-books will provide an in-depth look at timeless characters and stories to invite conversations between two cultures. Stories of friendship and betrayal, and the importance of qualities like cleverness and teamwork, are at the heart of this exhibit.• The Chocolate Slide and The Chocolate Café are simply delicious. Now through April 24

With the museum’s Sunburst Atrium transformed into a Willy Wonka-inspired wonderland, zoom down a 47-foot-long slide themed like a river of chocolate, and enjoy sweet treats and good, gooey, eats in the Chocolate Café.• Pirates and Princesses: Storybook Adventures are fun and exciting. Now through November 27

Tales of pirates, princesses, knights, and other adventurers captivate us through books, movies, TV shows, and in childhood daydreams. In this experience, children and families are heroes of their own adventures, role-playing as royals and rebels in an inventive exhibit that inspires the imagination. Pirates and Princesses Live Atrium Show called Storybook Adventures begins March 19, 2016. Meet a pirate and a princess in this storybook tale come to life. But all is not as tradition says it should be! Although the pirate may have dastardly deeds of damsels in distress on his mind, the princess teaches him a thing or two in a pyrotechnic display of role reversal!• Nickelodeon’s™ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™: Secrets of the Sewer are funny, clever, and ready for adventure. Now through April 10

These pizza-eating, crime-fighting “Heroes in a Half-Shell” will jump start your ninja training and problem-solving skills. Learn the secrets of the sewer and work to defeat the Shredder, the Foot Clan, and the Kraang. Visit the Dojo, hang in the Common Room, problem-solve in Donatello’s lab, demonstrate your rad reflexes with Mikey, and explore the streets of New York City.