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Christopher Lloyd from The Film Yap review this week’s movies including Home, Get Hard and It Follows

The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd takes a look at the new films you can see this weekend. From the animated “Home” to another Bradley Cooper movie, there is something for everyone at the movies in Indy this week.  Here are his picks:

Home – Dreamworks animation

Really aimed at small kids…very fun movie for the family. First really good one of this year.”

Get Hard – starring Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell

Very un-politically correct movie…very raunchy. Good comedic chemistry. A lot of laughs.”

It Follows – horror film

This is a really spectacular horror film. One of the best I’ve seen in a long time.”

The Barber – Not in theaters but out on video-on-demand and stars Scott Glenn

One of my favorite actors of all time…Big physiological thriller…well crafted who-done it.”

Serena – starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence

Just playing in a couple of theaters locally. Southern Gothic tale set in the 1930’s. One of those movies that got made and shelved and now they are just sort of dumping it out there.”

Red Army – Documentary about Soviet hockey team 1980 defeat

remember the famous 1980 [USA Olympic team] defeat of the Russians in the hockey game…this is the other side of the tale.”

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