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Closet clean-out tips from celebrity stylist: Get 173 outfits out of 16 clothing items

Closet cleanout day 3

We all seem to have a little more time on our hands right now, and many of us have gotten a big start on our “spring cleaning” already. Brandie Price, Makeup Artist & Celebrity Stylist wants to give you tips on how to tactically go through your wardrobe, embrace your true style, get more out of your wardrobe, and choose the right accessories going into Spring. 

Today’s tip to help you jump start your closet clean out is how to get the most out of your wardrobe, making 173 outfits out of 16 pieces of clothing.

Here is a quick breakdown of the clothing pieces:

  • 2 Tank Tops – 1 White, 1 Dusty Blue
  • 1 Graphic Tee
  • 1 Blouse – White
  • 1 Sweater – Blush
  • 1 Henley – Pink Floral
  • 1 Sweatshirt – Navy
  • 1 Long Kimono – Aztec Print
  • 1 Jacket – Medium Blue Denim
  • 1 Vest – Olive Green
  • 2 Denim Pants – 1 White, 1 True Blue
  • 2 Denim Skirts – 1 Cream, 1 Medium Blue
  • 1 Short – Chambray
  • 1 Paperbag Pant – Olive Green
  • Now let’s start making outfits!

We have 9 tops that individually look great with each of the 6 bottoms.

Basic outfit potential: 9 tops X 6 bottoms = 54 potential outfits

Let’s start to look at our outfit potential when we start layering these items. 

We will start with our basic white tank. This tank pairs well with each of our 6 bottoms, so we initially have 6 outfits with this white tank. We also have 3 toppers or over layers to pair with this tank. Each of the layered pairings also pairs well with each of our 6 bottoms. Let’s do the math. 

1 tank X 3 toppers X 6 bottoms = 18 additional outfit options

This brings our white tank outfit potential to 24 outfit options.

This same equation works with 5 of our other tops, so let’s do the math on that

6 tops (including the white tank) X 3 toppers X 6 bottoms = 108

This brings our outfit potential to 162 outfits. Once we consider the sweater and henley layerable with each of the tanks, with the bottoms to complete those outfits we have a total outfit potential of 173 outfits.

That is incredible outfit potential coming from a minimal wardrobe!

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She will be back tomorrow with a plan of how to help you get the most out of your wardrobe!