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Cold and flu remedies for kids plus a special offer

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have declared this season’s flu an epidemic across the U.S. January and February are historically the worst months for flu activity which means this epidemic will most likely get worse before it gets better. Even scarier news for parents, children under the age of 4 are among those hit hardest by the flu! It is important that parents are armed with helpful tools so they can be prepared for the bugs when they hit home. Katy Mann features these must-have products that can help parents battle the cold and flu season.

And just for Indy Style viewers, Brilliant Baby Products has a special offer on their website Include the promo code INDY25 and you will get 25% off.FEATURED PRODUCTS:

DayDreamer Sleeper

– DayDreamer Sleeper gives mom the gift of sleep

– Perfect 28 degree angle

– Soft, high quality materials

– Helps baby sleep better for longer

– Safety tested for durability, stability and safety

– Available at Babies ‘R’ US and online for $129.99

Breathe Easier:

– Breathe Easier is a state of the art nasal aspirator for kids

– Features an ergo dynamic Comfy Tip design that fits snuggly into child’s nose, providing comfort & suction

– The hose can be repositioned to all for multiple positions allowing for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

– Butterfly design helps with comfort and bonding experience with child

– Breathe Easier is gentle, non-invasive and is a great way to clean and clear a child’s nose.

– Made in the USA for kids ages 5 and under is BPA, phalate and lead-free.

– Retails for $13.95

Cup Catcher

– Cup Catcher multi-use tether for sippy cups, bottles or toys that can help keep them on high chairs, strollers, shopping carts and more, keeping them sanitary and free from germs and dirt on the ground!

– Baby friendly and safe, Patent pending for children’s safety and parents peace of mind.

– BPA Free, latex free and recyclable,

– Sanitized on the go and dishwasher safe, perfect for refreshing during cold and flu season

– Adjustable for many different sizes and lengths

Yikes Twins :

– Ultra absorbent towel, perfect for when kids are feeling under the weather

– Largest hooded children’s towel on the market

– Unique design options, to put a smile on any child’s face- especially great when they are not feeling good.

– 100% cotton, durable

– Also good for dress up and imaginary play when kids are feeling good

– Retails $39.99

Lassig Green Label Neckline Bag:

– Tons of great storage

– Can hold everything you need when baby / toddler is sick and you are on the run

– Fashionable diaper bag that looks more like a purse than a diaper bag and is beautifully fashioned for the fashion-forward mom in mind.

– Water repellent, padded changing pad

– Has a large vertical zipper that opens up to reveal large insulated pocket for keeping food items.

– Retails for $169.99