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Company founder encourages others to invest in paying it forward

Company founder encourages others to invest in paying it forward

A powerful vision. Profound. Kind.

These are just a few words that many use to describe the ULTIS program and how it changes lives.

Suzannah Dacre, Founder of Ultis Pro, explains the “pay it forward” method and smart investment in one’s self.

Imagine a company that can turn the old saying; the rich get richer whilst the poor get poorer completely on its head by funneling profit right back into the community and even moreso in case by case individually change lives.
Step in Ultis Pro; born out of a passion to prove nothing is impossible, no matter who you are.
We become your partner in business for improved performance, better results, and a culture of innovation, and getting sh&t done.
A virtual CEO to support CEOs, or business owners. We work with big and small business, startups, and people with big dreams, and become the business partner that makes sh&t happen.
You only have to read our results of clients to see we mean business. Have a look at the $20,000 daily salon, or the fact we predicted the downfall of a large $100mil+ company, and wanted to help them overcome this, but now we’re helping all those impacted.
Most of our clients do their craft, and we do the rest. We can help with strategy only upon startup, or manage all strategic planning ongoingly, the entire ‘backend’ of business, whilst you deliver your service to customers. Our clients say they’d never dream of achieving what they have without us.
Did we mention… Our fee goes straight back into helping people?
Our business partners also love us:
For the investment opportunities we offer, returning 300%+ ROI p.a.
For the property strategies we create, returning 20%+ per annum
For the people and community we help, helping those in need, and in general, making people happy.

  • We help people
  • We help business
  • We change lives
    We help business, big, small or none at all, achieve extraordinary results, whilst also helping the community.

• Even when there is no element of kind in a business’ vision, by business’ engaging us, we implement that vision of kindness.
• When the rich come to us for their own benefit, naturally they’re helping the community through us.
• We are stopping people from gambling in life.
• We help all walks of life, and we mean all, by building their life through providing income, investment, and help, where they need it. We don’t believe in handouts, but do believe in hand ups to help people become independent and happy.
• We are successful because we don’t give up, even when people have given up on themselves, and we’ve had a profound impact on people living with illness and disability, bad history, without a home, the unemployed, and generally people struggling in life, or wanting to make smarter decisions.

Personal: @therealsuzannahdacre
Business @ultispro