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Craft Genius brings holiday joy through crafting

Craft Genius brings holiday joy through crafting

Craft Genius brings holiday joy through crafting

Experience joy this holiday season through crafting with Craft Genius.

Amber was LIVE this morning at the Christmas Gift & Hobby Show and got the chance to chat with TWO Craft Geniuses, Jolie Raufeisen and Crystal Crider.

About Craft Genius:

Craft Genius was conceived when CEO Jolie Raufeisen attempted to make a paint pour project for her daughter’s high school graduation party — and it ended up being a huge flop! A new vendor this year at the Christmas Gift and Hobby Show, find out more about this exhibitor with a mission to bring people joy through crafting.

  1. How did Craft Genius get started?
    After watching YouTube videos to help Jolie with her paint pour project, she anxiously went to the home improvement store to find one needed supply, to two different craft stores to find another supply, then to a discount retailer to find yet another supply needed. After running around for several hours and spending close to $50, the project was a huge flop! She wished there was a company that provided all of the supplies needed, in appropriate quantities, with help to make sure the project was a success.

Jolie and her partner, Crystal, had been crafting together on Friday nights for years, so Crystal was the first one Jolie told about the idea, and things took off from there.

Since both founders wanted to help others as well as share their love of crafting, they started a Master Crafter program where anyone who loves to craft as much as they do could earn income helping others learn new craft projects by bringing everything needed to product a unique, guaranteed work of art to Crafters.

  1. What kind of products do you offer to your customers?
    The goal when creating Craft Genius Class Boxes was to offer a variety of mediums for each class so Crafters could discover what they most enjoyed, then have an opportunity to purchase a Craft Genius Craft Box using their favorite mediums on a larger project they could do on their own. Equally important was giving Crafters the opportunity to craft with their friends, so there is plenty of opportunity to chat, laugh and enjoy each other’s company without too much expense involved.

Craft Genius has three basic Craft Boxes:
Candle Trio Class Box includes a custom pillar candle melt project, a glass candle holder to embellish and a jar candle pour where Crafters choose their favorite scent to make their candle unique.
Clever Coaster Class Box includes four coasters with different mediums including mosaics, decoupage, alcohol inks and alcohol markers.
Relaxation Class Box includes everything to make a body scrub and bath bomb with the color and fragrance the Crafters choose.

In addition to the basic Craft Class Boxes, Craft Genius offers Seasonal Craft Boxes to make sure Crafters consistently have opportunities to experiment with different crafts and mediums.

There are also Holiday Craft Class Boxes:
Ornament Class Box includes four different ornaments chosen by the VIP Crafter (Host) for Crafters to create and keep for themselves or give as gifts.
Wreath Class Box includes supplies for creating a wreath using non-traditional materials, such as a pool noodle or cardboard, to make the wreath form and everything needed for Crafters to make their own unique project using similar materials.
Christmas Décor Class Box includes crafts for decorating more than your door or tree, such as a winter hat garland, stuffed snowman or other holiday accessory chosen by the VIP Crafter.

Come see Jolie and Crystal at the 2019 Christmas Gift & Hobby Show from Nov. 6-10 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds!


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