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With “Fall Premier Season Week” upon us, you are ready to tune into your favorite television shows. You often fall in love with the characters, get hooked on the story line, and are taken on a ride to the shows period in history.

Depending on where the show takes place, someone’s Living Room, Office, or Bedroom these set designs are meant to put you in the that place in time. The Interior Design of the show allows you to have an experience and pulls you into the story.

Danielle Myers, ASID, RID, Proprietor, Elle Designs, takes a look at some of our favorite shows, some living in syndication history forever, and other’s that our current on the CW Network.

-Monica & Rachel’s Living Room – Iconic Apothecary Table & Furnishings
-Central Perk – Vintage Sofa and Chairs

Jane the Virgin
-Marbella Hotel – Color Palette of Tranquil Water and White

Mad Men

  • Living Room & Office – Midcentury Mod Mix

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