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Dating during the Covid-19 pandemic

Just because shelter-at-home restrictions have been in place due to COVID-19 doesn’t mean that people have given up on meeting new people, finding ways to connect and even dating. It may be a little more difficult to manage logistics right now but romance is alive and well during this pandemic. 

Lisa Mitchell, Communications Expert & Founder of Power Body Language has some tips on navigating today’s online dating scene.

1) Finding Love On The Download   

With most people being confined to their home with only quick trips for essentials permitted, the normal places for making connections and meeting people aren’t options. This is leading more people to turn to downloading dating apps for making those connections from the safety of their own homes. Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble are reporting increases in both number of users creating dating profiles as well as an increase in how often and how long those users are engaging on the app.

2) Going On Virtual “Dates” 

For those making new connections or fostering relationships during this time, a virtual date option is the go-to move to keep dating going and hopefully, the relationship deepening, while maintaining safe social distancing. Some couples have opted for FaceTime or Zoom dinner dates, ordering in food for each other and enjoying a meal together…separately. 

Virtual dating has brought out the best in creativity including adjacent roof tops dates, sending his/her favorite thing to be delivered via GrubHub or UberEats, and even doing virtual game nights or Netflix watch parties together while sitting on the couch in their separate homes.

The Downside: 

With so many people feeling stuck and bored at home, there are a lot people downloading and engaging on these apps that are doing so strictly to kill time and entertain themselves, not to create meaningful connections as they may be portraying to well-intentioned people they are matching with. This can be frustrating and feel like a waste of time for people who are actually looking to make a quality connection.  

The Upside: 

With less opportunity to get “distracted” by getting physical up front, people are taking this time to ask more and better questions of potential partners. Daters are being more direct and upfront about what they’re looking for, how they hope to communicate and connect both during and after quarantine restrictions, and have the opportunity to get creative in showing their interest and intention when someone catches their attention. 

Life may look and feel a little different due to COVID-19 but the desire to date and make connections is still going strong and thanks to technology, is still happening in creative ways. 

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