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Dating Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

Are you feeling the love?! We sit down with etiquette expert Maggie Oldham, Etiquette Expert and Blogger, to talk about modern dating etiquette do’s and don’ts.

Here’s a quick Q and A session with Maggie:Maggie, what is dating etiquette and does it still apply today?

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’re sitting down with

Maggie: A lot of times when people hear the word etiquette, they think of their parent’s or grandparent’s old school “rules” of dating. But etiquette itself – and when we talk about etiquette we’re referring to how we should relate to one another and how we should behave in certain situations – changes with the times… as it should. And knowing and practicing good, modern dating etiquette can really improve your love life, and give you the best chance to success, especially in those early stages of a relationship.So let’s talk about the first date. What are some first date do’s and don’ts – should men still pull out chairs for women and who pays?

Maggie: Let’s walk through a typical first date – dinner at a restaurant. Some do’s for the gentlemen – Do open the door for your date. Once inside, it’s your job as the gentleman to check in at the host stand, but don’t walk ahead of your date to the table. When it’s time to be seated, the host should lead the way, followed by the lady, with the gentleman bringing up the rear. Gentleman should then offer the lady her preference of seat, which is usually the inside seat. And a big “don’t” for both guys and gals – no phones on the table! Ladies should put their phones in their handbags and those should go either on a hook, on the floor, or between the small of their back and the chair. When it comes to ordering drinks, do order drinks if you’d like, but don’t overindulge. Two drinks is a good max.What about when the bill comes? Is it still the man’s job to pay the bill?

Maggie: I get asked this question a lot. Times have changed, the lines between gender roles have become a bit more blurred. The modern etiquette rule is…. Whoever asked for the date and planned the date has identified themselves as the host and they should pay the bill. So if a man asks a lady on a date, he should be expected to pay. And if a lady asks a man on a date, technically she should be ready to pick up the tab. Now, if the man grabs for the bill, don’t try to rip it out of his hands. You can offer to pay or split the bill, but if he declines, don’t put up a fight just to prove you’re nice. And the biggest etiquette “do” is to always say please and thank you to the wait staff AND most importantly, to your date.What about social media and texting?

Maggie: When we’re not face to face, texting is the most used mode of communication in dating relationships. Some do’s and don’ts for texting – do send lighthearted, fun, cute texts but don’t have serious conversations over text, and especially don’t breakup over text! And when you’re in each other’s presence, try to keep texting others to a minimum. People can become paranoid when their date is texting someone else throughout the date. And as far as social media goes, do have a conversation with your date before you post pictures of the two of you on social media or before you make the relationship “Facebook official.” And finally, don’t over post!Any final dating etiquette tips?

Maggie: Always remember put your best foot forward!

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