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Dressing for your skin tone

Fair-skinned? Tanned? Darker-skinned? No matter your skin tone, Jen Russell at JenDaisy Boutique, has ideas for you! Here’s a look at today’s models: (info. provided by Jen Russell)

Amanda: We put Amanda in a bright plum lace dress that we paired with mustard shoes for a fun look. A good way for brunettes to know what color is good for them is think of winter colors. Deep rich color. Mustard is a tricky color on some so make sure if you pick something with mustard in it hold it up to your face to see how it blends with your skin tone and eyes. Cobalt Blue, Teal, burgundy, deep plum like Amanda is wearing.

Maggie: We put Maggie in this beautiful Cool Mint Embroidered Dress. Red heads can pretty much wear any shade of green.. For this hair color it is best to think of Autumn colors. So that is rich and warm coloring and one color I do love on Red Heads is the color red. Have fun with these Autumn colors because there is a wide range and variation of these colors to choose from. Teals, reds, purple, browns, blush.

Alyssa: We put Alyssa in a soft lace blush open shoulder top, paired with jeans and fun accessories. When blondes are picking colors to wear think of Spring and Summer colors. Some blondes can also wear some of the colors in the other categories. Soft pink, purple, tans, most all shades of green.

Have fun with color. Most girls tend to stick to one or two main colors that they will wear most. Try some of the other colors in your color wheel to broaden your array of what options you will have in picking clothes and hair color. I always say have fun with your clothes, shoes and accessories and stay away from just wearing gray and black! Most of all, love yourself.

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