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Early Holiday Tech Gift Ideas

If you have a gadget guru in your life, here’s your chance to start your holiday shopping early! David Novak, Gadget Guy, shares some gift ideas:

  1. CAT S42 Rugged Smartphone
    Nowadays, Smartphones are more powerful than ever, but also, somewhat more expensive. Since keeping your Smartphone protected is important, it would be ideal to have improved rugged Smartphone models that are designed for the classic hard-working lifestyle. The CAT S42 Rugged Smartphone is the perfect choice for an ultra-tough, go-anywhere Android Smartphone. It features an ultra-resilient body that qualifies the Smartphone as MIL-SPEC 810H, IP68 Water- and Dust-Proof. Lastly, the Smartphone also features a super-bright 5.5″ HD+ Display that’s protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5, as well as an ultra-responsive 1.8GHz Quadcore Processor that can manage any task, a powerful 4200 mAh Battery that can offer up to 48 hours of battery life, and both Bluetooth 5.0 and Dual-Band WiFi Connectivity (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz). Everything runs smoothly on Google Android 10. video:
  2. Puritize HOME UV-C Sanitizing System
    While Face Masks and Face Shields can protect you from contracting COVID-19, germs that are invisible to the naked eye can still get easily spread through handshakes, doorknobs, sinks, dishes, shared Smartphones and more. To keep your family protected from those germs, consider using a reliable Home UV-C System like the Puritize HOME. This high-quality Locked UV-C Home Storage Sanitizing System works as a chemical-free in-home sanitation solution. The system’s Advanced Refraction Technology works based on a UV-C lamp that emits a 254 nanometers (nm) UV-C light within the range of 200 nm to 300 nm, and that allows users to safely kill up to 99.9% of all bacteria. The system is effective and safe-to-use, and perfect to keep your family protected from the spread of any dangerous
  3. Razor EcoSmart SUP Electric Scooter
    Back in the day, people had tons of fun riding their kick scooters around the street, but those were completely reinvented as electric scooters that are mainly used for daily commuting. In cities all over the world, people have quickly embraced these awesome transportation devices. The Razor EcoSmart SUP is a stylish stand-up electric scooter that’s safe and stable to ride, and powerful enough to be used for daily commuting. Its 350-watt motor can reach up to 15.5 mph and its 36V battery can offer up to 60 minutes of battery life. Furthermore, its ultra-large air-filled 16″ tires ensure a smooth and safe ride on all types of terrain, while its wide bamboo deck offers plenty of foot room to make riding the EcoSmart SUP a comfortable and stylish -
  4. Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18 iON+
    We’re just about to enter the snowy Winter days, so you should prepare yourself to remove piles of snow from both your driveway and sidewalk. However, instead of doing all the hard-work yourself, consider using a powerful and reliable snow blower kit like the Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18 iON+. This 48-Volt (2×24-Volt) 18-Inch Cordless Electric Snow Blower is the perfect portable snow-riddance gadget that lets you blast snow past the limits of an extension cord. Featuring a heavy-duty, rubber-tipped steel blade auger, it can clear an 18-inch wide by 10-inch deep path in one go while its powerful 1200-Watt brushless motor can plow through up to 10.5 tons of snow per charge. Lastly, its two 24-Volt / 4.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries offer up to 30 minutes of rechargeable runtime. Then, to get rid of the last bits of snow on top of your car’s windshield, roof, and hood right before heading off to work, just use something like theSnow Joe illum-n-broom, a reliable Snow Broom and Ice Scraper that makes it easy for anyone on-the-go to remove snow off both cars and SUVs. ($19.99) . Alternatively, you could use something even smaller likeSnow Joe IceDozer, a compact, yet reliable handheld 360º Ice and Snow Scraper Tool that’s equipped with a 6 different sides for multiple uses, making it perfect to shave away frost and snow or to clear away sleet, slush, dirt, and debris. ($9.99)
  5. Samsung Galaxy A71 Smartphone
    Upgrading your Smartphone to a better model can be hard, as there are tons of manufacturers producing awesome brand-new models. If you’re looking for a decent, powerful, and fully capable Smartphone for this new decade, then look no further. The Samsung Galaxy A71 Smartphone features a sleek and modern design, integrating a crystal-clear 6.7″ Infinity-O Display and a glossy prism finish at the back. The front side packs a 32MP Selfie Camera, while the back features a high-quality Quad Camera Setup that combines a 64 MP Main Lens, a 5MP Depth Lens, a 12 MP Ultra WIde Lens, and a 5MP Macro Lens together. The phone’s Fast-Charging 4,500 mAh Battery offers up to 102 hours of battery life, while its On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner keeps your content private. Lastly, the Galaxy A71 features a total of 128GB of Memory Space (expandable up to 512 MB) and 6GB of RAM. video:
  6. Rubik’s Connected
    $59.95 or on Amazon
    Rubik’s Connected is the vintage Rubik’s cube reimagined and redesigned for the 21st century. It teaches players to solve the classic puzzle, sharpen their skills and compete with cubers around the world. Rubik’s Connected is equipped with sensors to track and measure activity (even when disconnected) and an inertial measurement unit to track the cube’s position. Rubik’s Connected is also a speed cube, with implemented mechanisms that enable it to be fast and smooth. It consumes low power via its rechargeable battery and connects through Bluetooth 5.0 to the GoCube app. The app provides a real-time display of the cube, analyses movement, and enables fun interactive tutorials so anyone can learn and enjoy cubing. Various pre-packaged games and options are available to play with friends in person and online. video: