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Easter basket alternatives from Brilliant Baby Products

Parents don’t have to fill their children’s Easter baskets with the usual gifts. Katy Mann from Brilliant Baby Products offers up some fun alternatives.


HABA’s Dancing Eggs Game is fun for the whole family. It a fun party game that gets you moving and interacting with each other.

The game includes 9 rubber eggs, 1 wooden egg, an action die, and an egg placement die.

Recommended for 2-4 players from ages 5 and up. Even though it is considered a children’s game, it is great fun when played by adults as well.

The Dancing Eggs game has been a HABA best selling game for over 10 years

Made in Germany, it is available online at, MSRP: $19.99


Yookidoo Pull Along Whistling Duck is a toddler toy that combines music and movement

Battery operated, the Whistling Duck whistles and sings when pulled along with synchronized sounds that start and stop automatically when in motion.

With the Duck comes a bonus bead activity set, which will entertain your child.

The Developmental Benefits are Balance and Coordination, Cause & Effect, Gross & fine Motor Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Fine Motor Skills

When you stop pulling the duck he stops playing the music but continues calling and stimulating the baby to go on.

For Ages 1-3 years, it is available online at, MSRP: $24.99

InRoad Toys:

The Award-winning InRoads PlayTape is a top Parenting Choice for kids ages three and up.  It sparks creativity and imagination.

It is the best way to lay down roads or railroad tracks just about anywhere without the mess and is reusable, sticks to many surfaces, very affordable and easy to use.

You can use the cars and trains that you already have and create towns and train stations with toys and items you have at your reach.

For Ages 3+ it is available online at and prices start at just $7.99

Melody Mates:

Melody Mates are sweet, slumber-inducing cushions that are washable, soft pillows with a detachable blanket.

Their Melodies comfort and soothe children when sleep eludes them and automatically cut-off switch after 16 minutes.

The LED lights glow to evoke starry skies for children

They are available online at, $34.99

Lassig distributed by HABA USA:

Lela Plush Stuffed Animal and Lela Board Book are Soft and Cuddly Deer that are sure to be your child’s new favorite stuffed animal.

Plush Lela is available in two sizes: 6 inches and 10 inches and comes with an Illustrated Board book that shares Lela’s story of discovering the world.

The perfect bedtime book, it is printed on 100% recycled cardboard with non-toxic ink.

For Ages Newborn + it is available online at, Lela Plush MSRP: $17.99-$26.99; Lela Board Book MSRP: $10.99

Candide Baby

Candide Baby’s lightweight baby wrap is specially designed for warmer weather. Ergonomic, it’s wrapped top provides a large opening to the sleeping bag and easy access to baby.

It is fast and easy to swaddle baby in three movements, with no zips or press snaps making it practical and the specially designed lightweight material makes it comfortable for those hot summer nights.

For ages 0-3 months and available online at, MSRP: $19.99

For more information visit their website at