Easy Back-to-School recipes for after-school snacks and more

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Bring on the BLUEBERRIES!!

In our kitchen today, Lori Taylor, The Produce Moms, shares some “mom-suggested, kid-approved” recipes!

Apple Pop Tarts (for breakfast)https://www.crunchpak.com/recipes/apple-pop-tarts/

Apple Rose Sangria (for Mom…and Dad) – https://www.crunchpak.com/recipes/apple-rose-sangria/

Midwest Blueberry Season + Back to School

Blueberry Mango Pico de Gallo (after shool snack)https://www.theproducemoms.com/2018/06/04/easy-blueberry-salsa/

Berry Chia Pudding (dessert) – https://www.northbayproduce.com/recipes/berry-chia-pudding

Blueberry Crisp (a tip to make it for breakfast) – https://www.northbayproduce.com/recipes/blueberry-crisp

For more tasty recipes, visit TheProduceMoms.com.

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