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Emotional intelligence: What is it and how does it help you with your career?

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize your own emotions and those of others. So often we focus on our performance, even the idea that we need to do things perfectly. Ironically, what really gets in the way of our success is our own self-awareness and how we treat other people, says Lindsay Boccardo, generational consultant and millennial career coach.

In a study by Career Builder, we found that 71% of hiring managers value Emotional Intelligence more than IQ. This could look like listening patiently, taking criticism well, being mindful of emotions and being able to discuss tough and sensitive issues thoughtfully.

Mark Murphy, CEO of Leadership IQ found that 89% of the time a new hire is fired, it’s because

89% of the time a new hire is fired, it’s because of their attitude, not their skill. 

Here are four ways that you can raise your EQ today:

1. Pause when you are listening – ask yourself – am I listening to understand the other person or am I just waiting my turn to share my opinion?

2. Reflect on criticisms you’ve received – even if your feelings are hurt or you are offended, find the kernel of truth behind it.

3. Practice assuming the best about someone – especially someone that irritates you. Consider where they might be coming from. They likely have a very different upbringing and worldview than you.

4. HALT and take five. Check in – are you Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? Do what you can to take care of yourself, so that you’re in a good place when it’s time to work with others.

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