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Engledow Group give us a lesson in Hardscaping 101 from the beginning

Spruce up your yard with a lesson in hardscaping from Donny Duke of Engledow Group! On Donny’s last visit to Indy Style, he  briefly went over a large project, from beginning to end. Today, he discusses, in more detail, the beginning steps for any major landscape “re-modeling type” project.

– Primary Messages

– Today is a continuation of our last visit. If you joined us last time, you’ll remember we were looking at a large project where we were called upon to help correct several existing problems. We showed a lot of the “hardscaping” features during that last segment. Now we would like to reveal the finished project!

– This is the fun part about our job, delivering a finished project.

• Our client had asked us to help them transform their pool space to a more usable area that had a resort like feel, so they could relax and unwind with family without having to “get away”.

– A number of the hardscape features were discussed in our last segment, but we added patio space in three areas where they needed more space, we added a gas fire pit, we relocated and extended retaining walls, we added a custom arbor, and provided custom low-voltage Landscape Lighting solutions for the yard.

– Lastly, we completely re-landscaped the “remodeled” space. We transplanted several existing trees, added a few new specimen trees, added lots of shrubs both evergreen and flowering, and along with perennials, groundcover and new sod, we transformed this pool area into a beautiful yet low maintenance landscape!

• As we also mentioned before in our last segment, this project had several constraints and challenges to solve both before the work started and during construction.

– Proper planning and attention to every detail are the only way a project like this can be delivered, satisfactorily.

– Our first step was with the design of the desired end result, which is what you are seeing today, but too often, some people try to rush in and plant without correcting problems.

– Our second was determining the most efficient way to build the job and at the same time when each phase should be built.

• This project was done in 3 phases beginning last fall in September and completed just this month.

– Other considerations were during construction to help with the project, like adding an invisible fence to keep the dogs out of the new planting, and the removal of a dying ash tree on the property.

– One of the things our clients are constantly telling us is how much they appreciate the communication we provide to them during a project.

– We try to let our clients know up front what to expect during the process, and as things change we keep in contact with them so they are not left guessing what is going on.

– Another thing our clients appreciate is having the peace of mind that comes from having Engledow on the job

– Engledow employees all undergo background checks, drug tested, and legal and in uniform on the site.

– Engledow offers not only a plant warranty, but workmanship guarantees on paver projects, segmented retaining walls and lighting

– Many of our employees have multiple certifications from ICPI and NCMA

– Engledow is an Authorized Contractor for Unilock, Belgard, Techo Bloc and The Stone Center of Indiana.

• So, the next time you are thinking about a new outdoor project at your home, Contact the professionals at Engledow Estates.

• So, the next time you are thinking about a new outdoor project at your home, Contact the professionals at Engledow Estates.

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