Indy Style

Exercise Your Brain

Does Tracy know his presidents?

Learning Rx Northeast Indianapolis’ Owner & Director Heather Koenig plays a “Presidents memory game” with him to find out if his short term and long term memory works while using logic and reasoning!

The point of the exercise is to emphasize the importance of exercising your kids’ brains to be prepared for school.  Keeping the brain accountable and fresh during the summer months can help prepare students for the school year ahead.

As most students are back in school by now, Learning Rx can assist with back-to-school brain training exercises and classes by strengthening cognitive skills that help with reading, studying, and remembering things.

Nobody is too old to be expanding their cognitive skills!  A current Colts player is currently taking classes at Learning Rx to help with retaining information, such as remembering plays and results!

The Learning Rx Northeast Indianapolis location is offering a special offer for Indy Style viewers!  Call in to let them know you saw the segment on Indy Style, and they will send you a back-to-school pack with tips, a brain training activity book, some fun school supplies, and a coupon for a cognitive skills assessment at Learning Rx!

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