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Experience the Bird that Bites Back during Indy Wings Week

Experience the Bird that Bites Back during Indy Wings Week

Joella’s Hot Chicken is offering half-off any individual wing or half-off any wing plate during Indy Wings Week! 

Chris Hayes, General Manager, explains how their chicken and wings are unlike any others you will find in a restaurant or bar: 
· Joella’s chicken is made from 100 percent all natural, antibiotic, and hormone-free chicken and seasoned with your choice of six unique spice levels: Traditional Southern, Spiked Honey, Ella’s Fave, Tweener, Hot, and “Fire-in-Da-Hole.”
· Most places serve a portion of the entire chicken wing — generally people refer to them as drumettes and wingettes. These small wings are actually 1/3 of the whole chicken wing cut into pieces. When you order wings from Joella’s, you’re getting the entire chicken wing!

Experience the Bird that Bites Back during Indy Wings Week

Joella’s is known as “The Bird that Bites Back,” and recently launched a new fire certification waiver and card for patrons who wish to try their hottest spice level “Fire-in-da-hole.” This spice features some of the hottest peppers known to man, and patrons who wish to try this spice level will be asked to sign the fire certification waiver and will then earn their fire certification card for trying this heat level!Tips for Making Great Wings:
·    The first step to make great wings is to brine them overnight in salt water.
·    There are different ways to cook them — roll them in flour, fry them in a skillet, deep fry, or bake them in an oven
·    For the best flavor, Joella’s wings are seasoned before being cooked (the spices are added to the flour) vs. being tossed in wing sauce at the end of the process.

Joella’s is also expanding this fall to two locations: a second Indy location in Broad Ripple at the site of the former Applebee’s and the first location in Bloomington on the eastside at the former location of Scholar’s Inn Bakehouse.

Indy Wings Week is a week-long celebration of the glorious creation of wings. NUVO invited the local restaurants and chefs who craft central Indiana’s most delicious wings. At half off, you’ll have plenty of cash left for a side and a beer (or three).

Indy Wings Week is also a fundraiser for Second Helpings, because, while wings are great, everyone deserves to eat.

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