Indy Style

Fall twist on classic cocktails

Play with your whisky!!

That’s the # Monkey Shoulder Brand Ambassador Anna Mains uses when it comes to crafting Scotch cocktails for fall! She says… “think outside the box!” Here’s more:

  • In the same way that Monkey Shoulder is full of personality, so is Anna – you can find her rocking one of her iconic Stetson hats and jumping on beds for her signature Instagram posts at @annamains.
  • In her 18 plus years in the hospitality industry, Anna opened her own restaurant and bar in Oklahoma City that she eventually sold and has travelled throughout the country establishing herself as a leader in all things cocktail.
  • Stay safe and order Monkey Shoulder on Drizly:

Visit for more recipes or follow Anna Mains on Instagram at @annamains.


Banana Old Fashioned

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2 parts Monkey Shoulder

½ part Crème de Banana

¼ part simple syrup

3 dashes black walnut bitters

Garnish with orange peel

Add all ingredients to mixing glass. Stir. Strain over ice into rocks glass.

An Apple a Day…. (Party Size)

6 parts Monkey Shoulder

1½ parts Aperol

1½ part fresh lemon juice

1 part honey syrup

8 parts apple cider

Top pitcher with soda

Garnish with apple slices

Combine Monkey Shoulder, Aperol, Lemon, and Honey in shaker and shake. Strain into large pitcher, add apple cider, fill with ice, and top with soda.