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Fashion Fix: Closet Clean Out

New Year – New You, which means that you need to take the time to clean out your closet, but what do you do with all of the good stuff? There are so many local organizations that you can donate to that isn’t the traditional Goodwill.

Retro 101’s Heather Pirowski helps out her good friend, Beth Myers,  cleanout her closet. Myers is a mom of two and a professional, so, Heather went through her closet and gaveher tips on what to save and what to let go. It’s always best to clean out before adding anything new to your wardrobe!

Fashion Fix Tips:

1. Reverse your hangers – if you don’t wear in a year, let it go

2. Reveal how you can tell what season/how old your clothes are by the label

3. How to host a clothing swap party

Here are just a few local organizations that take donated clothes that can serve a good purpose:

Dress for Success

Gifted Gown

Dove House

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