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Fast Track to Fitness: How to work out like a Driver

Race cars know no gender, and no one understands that better than Leah Pritchett, a top contender in the NHRA Drag Racing Series, and one of just a small handful of women competing in the male-dominated auto-racing industry.

In 2017, Leah ruled the race track, winning four races, setting multiple track records across the U.S. and finishing the season ranked in the ‘top five,’ and she has already picked up a win this season. Her car tops out at 334-mph, making her one of the fastest women in the world!

As you can imagine, being able to manhandle an 11,000-horsepower, 330-mph race car that wants to go every direction but straight requires tremendous physical and mental strength. Not to mention the endurance that is needed to handle the intense g-forces (which reach up to 6 g’s during a race, and negative 3-4 g’s when the parachutes are deployed at the end) multiple times throughout the race weekend.

Because fitness and strength play such an integral part to Leah’s on-track success, she has had to find a way to maintain her rigorous health and fitness regimen despite a hectic travel schedule. Leah shares some of her go-to moves with us!

The over/under

Speed feet

Weighted plank reaches

Props (Leah will provide):

1-foot wide rings

12 lb dumbbells

Writer Jeff Haden put Leah’s workout regimen to the test for one full week. See how he measured up, and try it for yourself by visiting!

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