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Fire Fighter Tim helps you work out with your baby

Carmel Firefighter and personal trainer Tim Griffin says you can still work out at home while taking care of your young child. Tim brings along his baby daughter for some exercises you can try with your little one.

The big key for me with my kids and wanting them to exercise is whenever we go to the park and we do things, we try to exercise.  I want them to see when I’m having fun, I want them to incorporate fun with exercise.”

Hang the jumper in the door way, add some music and bounce in and out with them to get your heart rate up.

Do some strength and resistance squats and lunges.

Swing them while in a squat position.

Put them on the floor and do push-ups over them.

Lay on your back and do some leg lifts to engage your core.

Maria in her jump suit ready to work out!

Make sure you talk to them and engage them in your exercises.


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