Indy Style

Firefighter Tim’s A Very Merry Fit-mas Tree Workout

This holiday season, if you are like Firefighter Tim, then putting up your holiday decorations can push your workout right to the “back burner behind the roasting chestnuts.”

This year, Tim says let your decorating become your workout!! How does it work? You assign a specific exercise to different color and style of ornaments, and as you put them up, you will perform those exercises – with glee – of course!

Example workout:

Mostly Green ornaments: 10 jumping jacks
Mostly Sliver ornaments: 10 leg lifts
Mostly Red ornaments: 5 Squat jumps
Mostly White ornaments: 10 push-ups
Multi-color ornaments: rotate between 5 squats with a kick or 10 sit-ups
Child or homemade ornaments: 5 Burpees
Tree topper: 1 min plank