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Firefighter Tim's Dumbbell workout

Whether it’s your New Year resolution to get in better shape or you are just trying to keep up your hard work from 2018, Firefighter Tim shares two “must-have items”: a foam roller and dumbbells. Tim says using a foam roller is a great way to help prevent injuries, keep you loose and work out your soreness. 

He adds: Dumbbells are a great, cheap space saving piece  of equipment to build strength and endurance and get you toned. Here are some of the best full body dumbbell movements to blast your New Year resolution into full swing. 

Dumbbell Movements 
1: squat shoulder raise
2: lunge into a row 
3: around the world curl (and if want, you can add a squat)
4: sumo squat triceps extension 
5: around the worlds 
6: single leg balance/deadlift 
7: single arm snatch.

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