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Firefighter Tim's sandbag workout

Have you ever thought of using sandbags as your exercise equipment? 

Firefighter Tim demonstrates a set of workouts with various types of sandbags to kick off your workweek. 

Using sandbags to work out has many tremendous benefits. First, they can be very cheap if you make your own or even buy one. Sandbags can also help develop true real-life usable strength - the kind of strength that one will use doing all kinds of everyday tasks. You can use sandbags for your workout anywhere -  from home, to a park, or on a trip in a hotel. Sandbags are great, inexpensive tools the can give you the kind of workout that will help take your fitness to new heights. 

Here’s one option for a workout:
1: Front Squats-10 reps 
2: Bent over rows-10 reps 
3: Over shoulder lunge-10 reps  
4: Overhead press-10 reps 
5: Dead lift-10 reps 
6: Push-up sandbag drag- 10 reps 
7: Around the worlds 6 each side

For more from Firefighter Tim, follow him on Twitter: @firemantimcfd.

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