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Free senior fitness classes available online

Places around Indy are slowly reopening, but some people, especially seniors may still be wary of going outside.

That’s why CarDon & Associates is helping its community residents and seniors at large stay active and engaged from the comfort of their homes.  

Alyssa Jackson, Fitness Center Director, Bell Trace Senior Living Community shows us an example of a workout you can find online.

Here’s what you need to know about the CarDon Conditioning program:

The Basics 

  • CarDon Conditioning is CarDon’s new video exercise program to stretch the brain and body 
  • Led by the organization’s Bloomington community, Bell Trace Senior Living Campus 
  • Online classes to keep community residents — and all seniors — active and engaged 
  • Two classes are offered each week: Mindful Monday with Life Enrichment Director Julie Hill and Fit Friday with Fitness Center Director Alyssa Jackson 

The Goal 

  • Offer a way for senior population to stay happy and healthy
  • Provide exercises that can be done anywhere and are modifiable to anyone 
  • Don’t need “real” equipment — you can use water bottles or even canned goods! 
  • Want participants to complete the class, feeling ready to take on the day — hoping it will be a highlight of their weekly routine at home 

The Exercises 

Bicep Curl to Overhead Press 

We do many movements that work multiple muscle groups, such as a bicep curl to overhead press. This movement targets the biceps on the front upper of your arm as well as your shoulders as you press that weight/object overhead. Of course, you always have the option to choose one exercise or the other!  

Seated Twists  

Targets the deep abdominal muscles. Picture your midsection as a washrag and you are wringing it out. As we age, we may try to avoid twisting as much, but we shouldn’t. Those muscles want to work, too! When done with control, it can also be a good stretch. 

Jumping Jacks 

A favorite cardio exercise among participants! A fun way to get the heart rate up and train your body. Whether you are doing a full-on jumping jack or you are choosing to utilize just the arms or the legs, you will definitely feel your body working during this cardio segment. If moving arms and legs, it also helps you with core stabilization, as you are having to maintain a strong midsection as you jump those legs/arms out and in. 

How to Access 

On the CarDon website conditioning page

CarDon social media: 


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