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From gifts to dessert, how to have a successful Valentine’s Day

The ladies from A Cut Above Catering show us how to have a successful Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart. From thoughtful gifts, the cooking duck like a pro, to a sexy dessert, Amy & Kristen show you how to do it all.

Pair gift certificates with roses and a bottle of wine.

Romantic Valentine Dinner tips and tips on how to cook a romantic dinner.

Women want quality time with men.”

Want romance?  Try their one of their great Duck Dishes.  Chicken is a meal, duck is an event.

Cooking a duck breast is easy and rewarding. Maple Leaf Farms are now available at Kroger.

Score the skin of your duck breast to help the fat render out. Add salt and pepper to taste and lay it skin side down in a cold pan and bring it up to medium heat to brown it. You will then put it in the over. Complete directions can usually be found on the package.

Duck Bacon is similar to turkey bacon as it is chopped and formed. The Duck Bacon used on today’s show was provided by Maple Leaf Farms

You can learn how to cook like a pro at A Cut Above Catering’s upcoming “Cook Duck like the Pros” Instructional cooking class. Here is the link to sign up to add to your website:

No dinner would be complete without a romantic valentines themed dessert.  A Cut Above Catering shares tips on how they make their “Berries, Bacon, and Bed…OH MY!!”

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