From hostess gifts to stocking stuffers, find something unique at Saraga

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Danielle McConnell, Saraga International Grocery, shows us a few gifts that could be PERFECT for party hosts, co-workers, people who have everything, stocking stuffers, etc.

Some of the products featured on today’s show include:

  1. Danisa Premium Cookies , Made in Indonesian and popular for all customers
  2. Bauducco Panettone Original , Made in Brazil and Popular for Brazil and Argentina
  3. Danafria paneton Made in Peru and popular for Peruvian customers
  4. Alfajor Bon o bon (Milk chocolate coated Sandwich) Made in Argentina and popular for them
  5. Hello French Cookies, Made in Taiwan and popular for Chinese and other Asian customers
  6. Ohyes and Choco- pie Made in Korea and Popular for all customers
  7. Popin Cookin, Made in Japan and Popular for all kind customers
  8. Wellmade supreme Chocolate product from Turkey and popular to Middle Eastern people
  9. Nestle Quality Street Chocolates &Toffees , Made in UK and popular to all customers
  10. Kras Bajadera, Made in Croatia and for gift items
  11. Date cookies, Made in Jordan
  12. Traditional baklava, Made in Jordan

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