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From pupsicles to broth, how to keep your pet hydrated in warmer weather

Already here in Indy, we're setting records in terms of nearly 90-degree temperatures! So that means, we need to not only keep ourselves hydrated, but our furry friends, too! 

Lisa Senafe, Founder, Bentley’s Pet Stuff, shares a few pointers on keeping our dogs or cats hydrated in the warmer weather. 

1.    Signs that your dog/cat are dehydrated-you can do a pinch test, look for excessive drooling and panting, they sweat through the pads of their feet and tong so be on the lookout for abnormal behaviors. 
2.    You can be proactive and make sure you are incorporating more moisture into your pets diet by trading out some of the kibble for canned food, add moisture such as topping kibble with goats milk or beef bone broth
3.    You can make frozen treats we call pupsicles and add fun stuff to them to keep your dog hydrated and entertained. 
4.    Being prepared while on a run or long walk with a water bottle that has a tray for your dog to drink and you can drink from the same bottle will help keep everyone hydrated. Collapsible bowls are great for travel too. 
5.    Protecting your dog from the elements with a raincoat or life jacket if you are boating or at a dog beach is a good idea too.  

Bentley’s Pet Stuff recently opened two new stores:
-    Broad Ripple, 6280 N. College Ave
-    Clearwater, 3857 82nd Street

There are plans for more stores to open soon. Visit, and go to the store locator for more information.

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