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Get a spray tan with Air-Tan before your Spring Break vacation

Get a spray tan with Air-Tan before your Spring Break vacation

Get a spring glow WITHOUT the damaging side effects.

Angela Alney, Owner of Air-Tan, shares some tips and tricks for getting a spray tan that’s sure to last!

Preparation tips
We are the last on the list – make sure you:
ü Wax
ü Nails Pedicure/Manicure
ü Hair
All prior to Air-Tan

Prep for Air-Tan
The tanning solution is safe because it only goes on the top couple layers of your skin, so when the skin cells exfoliate that is when the tan starts to fade
ü Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!
ü No Lotions, creams or oils on your body
(face is a little different)
ü Wear loose fitting dark clothing and loose fitting shoes
You don’t need any barrier cream anywhere UNLESS you want to go really dark. If you have noticeable sunspots on your face or a dry patch put a little dot of barrier cream on that area and it will create a barrier so it won’t go darker.
Use our Organic Solutions they are Fabulous and last longer than our original solution
ü Wait 8 hours before taking a shower, workout, sweating, and no doing dishes 😉
I use antibacterial wipes to make sure my hands stay clean during these 8 hours as you need to wash your hands (important)
If you need to sleep before your 8 hour rinse off wear long sleeves and pants (making hands look crazy)

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After Air-Tan
ü Moisturize – no oils I personally use Aveeno lotion
We have a great tan extender with the solution in it to keep your glow going rotate this with the Aveeno am extender at night
ü Don’t use scrubs, shower puff, washcloths, or harsh products on your skin
ü Pat dry when wet
It is not chlorine or chemicals that will make your tan fade, it is the more you are wet and dry, that makes your skin cell exfoliate

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