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Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays

This year, the home has become everything to all of us – a gym, an office, a school, our restaurant, theater, and more! The holidays tend to bring in a lot of additional items to the home, so it’s good to take a minute, look around and edit down to the things that you really love. That way you can add additional items in and not create a cluttered space that makes you feel overwhelmed by your interior.

Celebrity Designer Thom Filicia shares a few tips:

One trick I do is use trays and boxes to keep things organized and make your daytime “desk” easily transition to a place to do a craft with your kids or have a cocktail with your partner at the end of the day.

Speaking of Trays: they are also a great way to create little holiday moments in your spaces (on top of a dresser, in the center of your dining table or on a hall console). It keeps these moments organized yet impactful!

I also love to use trays to set up holiday happy hour moments – whether that’s an adult holiday cocktail station or a family fun custom hot chocolate activity – trays are such a versatile accessory to have on hand for the holidays and beyond!

Let There Be Light: Light is one of the best ways to make your space feel festive & holiday-ready. I like to use groupings of candles and a variety of lighting, all on dimmers, so that you can transition your space from day to night seamlessly.

The More the Merrier: Instead of smattering small decorations all throughout the house, I love the idea of gathering and grouping things to create more of an impact. For example, a large collection of votives with holiday gourds on the dining table or credenza, a Christmas tree or festive holiday statue decorated with all one or two-color decor and lighting, or a mantle with a collection of holiday sculpture and figurines with eucalyptus garland can create a beautiful, festive and impactful holiday moment without making the home feel cluttered.

Harvest your Surroundings: No need to bust your holiday budget at an expensive garden store. Instead, take advantage of what is growing around you. Keep it simple – like greenery or branches you harvest from your garden or a beautiful bundle of pinecones that you collect from the backyard to bring the holiday-time outdoors in. A wreath out of palm leaves. Make it authentic to wherever you are and have fun!

Layer & Lounge: So much of the holidays is about spending time with those you love, so creating spaces that feel warm and comfortable is half the battle! Make sure to have extra throws and blankets out and think about layering in some additional pillows and even rugs to create a space that is extra welcoming and warm!

Think outside of the box!
Use beautiful pottery/vessels to hold your Christmas tree instead of the standard Christmas tree skirt.
If you don’t have a mantle to decorate, not to worry. You can use a sideboard or console table to create a similar affect. Hang your stockings and garland and create that same dramatic holiday moment.


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