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Gifts for a hi-tech holiday

If you’re looking for gift and stocking stuffer ideas for the tech-lover, Comcast Indiana has you covered!

Jason Korando, Xfinity Market Manager, Comcast, shows us a variety of products that can all be purchased at one of their five Central Indiana Xfinity Store locations including stores in Indianapolis, Greenwood, Kokomo and Bloomington.

Stay charged
• All different kinds: Wireless charger; take it anywhere; no cords
• Mophie Charger
• Car Charger
• Stop stealing chargers; everyone gets a different color
• Range in price from $20 up to $100

Pop Sockets
• These are removable grips that stick to the back of the phone
• Great for traveling. You can prop up the phone for watching, reading or navigating
• Typically inexpensive – $5 – $10

Headphones & Earbuds
• If everyone is watching their own show – whether it’s in the living room or in the hotel room, headphones ensure everyone gets to enjoy their own show.
• Variety of kinds: in ear, on ear, over ear, Bluetooth, corded
• Wide price range

• Samsung Note 10, iPhone, Apple Watch
• Bring your own or buy from us

Improve wifi Signal with xFi Pods
• Depending on how large your home is and where you do the most entertaining, you may want to consider some sort of network extender. (Maybe in the garage or man cave or spare bedroom where a guest will be staying)
• We offer xFi Pods that help deliver more consistent WiFi coverage throughout your home.
• The 3-Pod pack, which sells for $119, is recommended to help with WiFi connectivity issues in homes with 3-4 bedrooms and multiple stories. They’re super easy to self-install. You just plug them in and connect them via the xFi app on your phone or tablet.
• The 6-Pod pack sells for $199 and is recommended to help with WiFi connectivity issues in larger homes with 5+ bedrooms and multiple stories.

Home Automation
• 11 million homeowners have had a package stolen from their front porch or mailbox just in the last year; 74% of those packages were taken during the day when homeowners were at work.

• Cameras can also help you confirm when a package has been delivered. If you’re expecting a package to be delivered and you won’t be home to receive it, think about asking a neighbor or nearby friend or family member to get it for you. Our indoor/outdoor camera retails for $199.95.

• There are several smart locks available that allow you to open the door so your helpful person can put your package in your home out of access from porch pirates. (starting around $150 per lock)

• Smart lighting is convenient. Think of all of the lights in your home, the number of corresponding light switches, and the amount of time you spend each day—especially at night—making the rounds in your home to make sure they’re off. With smart lighting those days are over. (Starter kit is about $150)

• Do more with your lights. There’s much more you can do with smart lights other than turning them off or on remotely. Set the mood in any room with smart lighting features like dimming and color ambiance (dependent on the smart bulbs you install).

• Automate your lighting. And you really can schedule your lights based on your preferences. Get a wake-up call at 7 a.m. with your lights automatically turning on with gradual adjustments, for example. Or at 10 p.m., make it lights out. Or maybe your lights dim in the early evening to help you wind down.

• Finally, there are numerous devices available that allow you to detect smoke, water and even carbon monoxide, which can be integrated into your home security system and alert you of a potential problem before you get home from your holiday vacation.

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Xfinity Store Locations:
Indianapolis – 4225 E. 82nd St., Indianapolis
Greenwood – 997 E. County Line Rd., Greenwood
Bloomington – 1285 S. College Mall Rd., Bloomington
Kokomo – 1413 S. Reed Rd., Kokomo
Lafayette – 3465 South St., Lafayette