Give the gift of fun, but safe, bath products

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Give the gift of a fun BATH BOMB SET this Christmas, with a fun surprise inside!

Lisa Beale, Owner, Fizzle Bathizzle, shares how this idea got started and how it’s kept fresh and fun EVERY month!

1) Mom and son team that began in 2017 because Lisa decided to quit her job and spend a year with Jagger prior to him entering Kindergarten.  The idea came with a desire for safer bath products and ended with the need to teach Jagger the importance of working for things while still having fun.  The SAFER way is keeping harmful fragrance out of products, by using only 100% pure essential oils, and the FUN way is putting surprises inside-and that was ALL Jagger’s idea!

2.) As their business grew, they launched a website that offers 3,6, and 12 month subscriptions for both kids and their Moms.  “Bath bomb of the month” that includes 2 unique bath bombs each month as well as “mommy and me of the month” that includes 2 unique bath bombs as well as a whipped body polish for the Moms.  The option is also there to add additional bath bombs to the box.

3.) Unlike a toy your kids get for Christmas that will go unused after a couple days, this is the gift that can keep on giving!

4.) **Mention you saw Fizzle Bathizzle on Indy Style, and you’ll receive a jar of Christmas bath dust at no extra charge.  Must order by the December 13th to receive a December shipment.

To learn more, visit:  Facebook and Instagram @FIZZLEBATHIZZLE

(Photos courtesy of Marissa Wiley Photography)

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