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Hair Color & Style Tips with Stylie

With colder weather coming to an end, many of us are attempting to break free from the hair rut we may have fallen victim to. And, as we gear up for higher temps and time in the sun, Indy locals are itching to re-invent their hair and ensure it’s looking its best in the change in climate! Leslie Thompson, Consultant for Stylie, shows us a pretty, yet simple way to achieve the beach wave look and describes how to turn it into an up-do. She also chats about hair color for summer and what might look best on YOU!

a. Hairstyle No. 1

i. Use fingers like a rake to pull hair to one side, as if pulling into a low bun.

ii. Divide the hair into three sections and braid the hair into a loose messy braid

iii. Secure it with an elastic band and pull the braided hair slightly apart to mess it up a little bit more.

iv. Wrap it in a bun and secure to the head with bobby pins.b. Hairstyle No. 2

i. Section off the top front half of the hair in front of the ears.

ii. Loosely French braid the top front ever, while so slightly pulling the braided hair apart to keep it from being too tight.

iii. Secure it with an elastic at the rounded part just below the crown.

iv. With the rest of the hair, use a larger elastic. With one hand, use the elastic to put the remainder of the hair.

v. With the other hand, use a rake-like motion to rake the hair into the elastic to create a trendy messy bun.

vi. Wrap the elastic a few time and secure with bobby pins.

vii. Leave some pieces out for a more boho look.c. Hairstyle No. 3

i. Section off the hair in five sections.

1. Two in front (one on each side of the head); three in the back.

ii. Braid each section, while loosely pulling the braids apart during the process.

iii. Secure each braid with elastic.

iv. Wrap the three sections in the back in buns and secure them into each other.

v. Wrap the front two around to the back and laid them on top of the buns.

vi. Secure in bobby pins.Here are a couple of hair tips:

1. Don’t rely on the three-second ponytail to get your hair out of your face and out of the way. Instead, rock some quick and easy summer up-dos that are comfortable, yet stylish.

2. Summer also can be detrimental to beautifully colored locks. Protect those locks by wearing a hat, investing in sunscreen for your hair and washing before/after pool time.

3. When it comes to summer hair color, the natural look is in. Stay within three shades of your natural hair color, as they will look best on your skin tone.ABOUT STYLIE

• Leslie Thompson is a representative of Stylie, an Indianapolis-based company launched in 2016.

• Stylie’s first product, Stylie One, is a seamless business management solution for one monthly price built especially for independent hairstylists, cosmetologists and other beauty professionals.

• Available for both desktop and mobile, Stylie One’s features include a full-service point-of-sale functionality, credit card processing, comprehensive reporting, salon relationship management, easy automation, appointment scheduling and confirmation, inventory management and more.

• Stylie One is designed to cut down on time spent on administrative processes while increasing the opportunity to connect more deeply with client.

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